by Rea Cormick

When that realization comes, we can then burst through our complacency to reconnect with what is essential, and our spirit can show us a different way of living from our wholeness.

The changes and challenges makes us have to surrender to something bigger than ourselves, and this can gain us a certain freedom from unreliable crutches of pride and self importance. 

With all the challenges in our external lives, if we can see the perfect hand that is working behind it all, and we can look at life beyond what is, trust that we are guided and loved, we may have less fear to open to our depths that is leading us forward to a new and better world.

These last years had been intensely challenging for me. I am sure I am not alone in this awakening process.  From the emails and readings I have done so far. I have a sense that we are all feeling the same deepening process into our souls at this time.

2010, 2011 seem to be a following up of what we have started years ago. The awakening of a truer self.

There is no easy change, because our ego wants to hold fast to what is familiar. Change means we have to unlearn what we’ve learned or think we know.

To awaken fully, we have to let go and allow all the external structures and habits of thought that veil us from clear perception to dissolve. By responding to the call to awaken, most of us at some  point will feel we are being stretched to our limits. We will feel abandoned and unloved.

As we awaken, we will realize there is  a collective madness all around us. i feel the reason why change is so pressing at this time all around us, is because we have strayed so far from the simple, pure and open space of our natural being.

At that time, in our vulnerability and helplessness, we are put in a place to realize we need to connect to something outside ourself. We may feel we need a safe place to go to... a sanctuary. We may feel the need for family, and our social networks.

This experience which begins with a sense of abandonment, urges us to reach out to family, and nurturing places in the beginning, eventually will brings us to realize the essence of what and why the changes are needed in our lives.

This is a great step forward, because at the deepest core of the need to connect, it is not to connect to just something outside of ourselves, but for us to connect to something bigger than ourselves and our limited perception of what our world is about.


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With the turbulent economic times at hand, most people are saying: Cut back, live frugally, put money in safe places.

But maybe there is a different message that we may not be hearing.

Maybe what the universe is asking us to do is..... Yes! spend less, spend less on what is external, the material that has little or no meaning.  Be grateful with what we do have and let it be enough. We are good enough.

Buy and spend justly, understand having more, and buying more does not equate to BEING more. Take care of what we have already, treat what we have, even if its a dollar item as if its a thousand dollar item.

Give more and live gratefully. Giving with no expectations and intentions to benefit from what is given. Live gratefully each moment with what we have, what we don’t have, knowing that we are loved beyond words and our own understanding of what love is.

There is a lot of opportunity to feel fear about money right now.

but if we come from a place of gratitude and abundance, it does change our perspective. How we choose to spend our money is important, living more simply is what is asked of us.

Maybe less sodas and Twinkies.  (This is for me :) Maybe less Starbucks hot chocolate and scones.)

Instead, spend on things that help us and the world be in a better place. when we feel better about ourselves, the world around us will be in a better place as well.

We need to find out what feeds our spirit. What make our heart sing and what makes our mind soar?

Maybe take up art, dance or music. Any of the arts will open us up to our spirit. Art, dance,  movement, music, these all have a universal language of light and space to them. It’s energy is understood in all culture, with all races, whether we are young or old. It opens the heart when we see good art, when we hear good music and when we experience a good performance.  We don’t have to be a concert pianist to enjoy music, we do not need to be a ballerina to move and dance. 

Massage and healing therapies have a similar energy as dance and music. Healing is felt and understood in all languages and all cultures too.

Try, if not an hour, a half hour massage, healing therapies, or commit to a movement class to strengthen your core self and put light in your spirit. I have a myriad of different services I can offer, which can help you achieve peace and love back into your being.

Just do and be. Be happy. Be light, be real.

Conserve our resources of time and energy and spend it on things that have meaning and purpose in our world, and our life.

I feel what is being asked from all of us is a lifestyle change so that we can have a more meaningful and purposeful life, which leads to fulfillment in our hearts and a simple and peaceful existence with a deep connection with spirit.

Sending everyone much peace and love