As a practicing intuitive counselor and personal trainer since 1990. I have spent most of my life helping people on a spiritual, emotional /body, mind connection, to realize that we are all spiritual beings in a body that is connected through the heart with it’s arrays of emotions.

Through all my training and experiences in life,  I have come to understand that we all have similar feelings and emotions, fears of loss and separation and  dreams, dreams of love and belonging, dreams of peace and harmony. dreams of hopes in living a fulfilled, fun and healthy blessed life.

I have asked myself many times, “If so many souls are searching for similar experiences like me, then why is it so hard to create what we want here on earth? A joyful, fulfilling, successful, healthy life?”

I think and feel the real problem might lie in the silence of the Soul’s voice and the expression of our spirit.

If that is the case, no amount of working with the mental or the physical connection alone will help, because I feel that the psychological arena are aware of the mind and body, but still have yet embrace the existence of the soul and higher forces at work in our lives.

Then there are the religious institution we can ask for help with our soul issues, but then I feel these institutions have not embraced or worked with integrating and balancing the emotions, mind and the body along with the Soul and the Spirit. The body vehicle lose grounding and we still lose hold of the tangible experience of being a spirit in a body. And the soul issues  is still not anchor and can not be resolved here on earth.

With my work as a Hochi instructor, personal trainer, a intuitive hair stylist, intuit consultant, and counselor, I have worked with many individuals, addressing and helping them explore and reflect these issues in their personal, professional and physical lives. In the end it is up to us to see how complete and perfect we are in each moment.

That we are good enough. We are whole, and we are perfect, our life is good and we are a child of our creator, loved and watched over.

In order to facilitate the healing and awakening process of many, including myself, the universe had guided and provided me a wealth of experiences and background of heritage in knowledge of different forms of healing. As the years passed, I had automatically connected and integrated many approaches, experiences and knowledge from these different forms.

After much experiences with life on earth, an understanding began to unfold. A system that combines the invisible, intuitive and esoteric with the solidness of the practical and concreteness of ritual.
A system that help guide and direct the energies of this human condition. The human system that is based on polarities. Each human being is both material and spiritual,

We each are divinely whole and perfect as well as imperfect in many ways. We are all in both this world and other worlds at the same time. We human beings are the bridge between the seen and the unseen, we are the revolving doors between the solid and the divine, between what is known and what is unknowable. We are what we are, we are at this very moment …… Human…….. in training.


My family

My family is wuzzle and my four kids, ( Sabrina, Samantha, Stephannie, Ryan). They provide me with a sense of stability and ground in my life.

Oracle, he is my spirit dog, a life long protector and companion, whether I am near or far. Magic and Maya are currently being trained by Oracle to be co-spirit dogs.

I am cosmically blessed with my my oldest daughter Sabrina, she is a joy and love in my life, my 2nd daughter Sammie is a ball of fire, who lives part time in Hawaii, my 3rd daughter Stephannie, who is a perfect mirror of and for me, and my son Ryan, who is my Sun on a rainy day.

I am very blessed to be able to slowly reclaimed my health in a positive direction right now with the help of wuzzle and my family. I find my connection with my God and my spirit through my family, my solitude, with nature, in my many different artistic and dance endeavors and my blessed work of healings with myself and with others.