Color Healing


Chromotherapy are color and light enhancement systems that I utilize with either a photon stimulator, a light emitting Diodes or with crystal tipped cones. These patented systems that are utilized in my Chromotherapy is based on a Xenon light source with color gel slides and crystal tips or Led lights with light wands .

These devices emit specific wavelengths  and frequencies of energy that gently penetrate the skin, similar to how regular sunlight is accepted.

It frees the consciousness in the cells, assisting in several areas of healing and rejuvenation.

In this age of pills and instant relief, is it an unfamiliar notion that light can heal? Light, after all, is a prerequisite for life. Without light no carrot would grow, no rose would bloom, no cypress would stretch upwards into the sky. Without light, man and animals would disappear from the planet. Light also influences our emotional well-being. On a bright, sunny morning we’ll bounce out of bed, but if it’s overcast or raining, it can take all of our will-power to crawl from under the covers.

Sunshine cheers and invigorates, it makes us feel better. Light therapy utilizes the positive energy of light frequency that stimulates the natural energy of the body, interacting with and stimulating on a molecular level.

What you experience, or see in a mirror is affected by many factors, including the emotions you are feeling on any given day. The effects of Light Therapy will affect how others see you and your feeling of well-being and deep relaxation.

By applying light to the face, you are not only improving the face, but the condition of the whole body: the nervous system, hormonal system, and vascular system.

Some of the effects of clearing and invigorating the body’s energetic system are:

*Reduction in the causes of wrinkles – reduction of stress by   moving the Autonomic Nervous System into Parasympathetic.

*Reduction in facial marks and age spots – reducing the cellular oxidation processes.

*Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing cellular metabolism – increases cellular transpermaeability.

*Increases the smoothness of the skin’s texture – reduces waste production and increases the skin’s ability to clear surface toxins,

*Facial “lifting” – improved lymphatic drainage resulting from less blockage along the cytoskeleton matrix.

*Improved skin color – resulting from increased blood flow.

*Reduction of pore size – general tightening of skin resulting from cellular cleansing.

*Less “sagging” under the eyes, chin, and cheeks.

*Increased elasticity of the skin.

*Brighter and clearer eyes.

*Beneficial unexpected side effects.

*May significantly decrease the recovery time of cosmetic surgery. Use prior to surgery and after surgery for faster healing time and less swelling and scar tissue.

You may see changes immediately, even during the first session. However, since the energetic condition of organ systems varies between individuals, allow several treatments for results to show.

There is a wealth of scientific research in this area, but the best way to see the benefits of Chromotherapy is to try it. It is non-intrusive and sanitary as the device never touches the skin. You will see a difference after just one treatment.