About the different healing systems


Rea Massages include:

Swedish Massage uses fluid stokes, kneading and friction techniques to promote relaxation, relieve muscle tension, improve circulation and range of motion.

Shiatsu acupressure in an eastern system designed to free the body’s blocked energy channels or meridians. This technique releases these blockages through specific point work increasing and re-balancing energy flow.

Reflexology similar to Shiatsu or acupressure works a series of points or zones along the hands and feet that correspond to all areas of the body. While work is localized, rehabilitative effects are felt throughout the body.

Deep Tissue releases chronic holding patterns of tension through the use of gradually applied deep pressure either along or transversing the muscle fibers.

Traditional Thai Massage contains a wide range of deep stretches creating a passive yoga for the client, lengthening contracted muscles and providing an opening of the joint, usually far beyond what the client can achieve alone.

Lymphatic Massage is designed to improve the function of lymph glands and channels through which the body fights disease and clears toxins.

Herbal Body Wrap is a dry herbal sea salt massage, followed by a moist heated herbal wrap for further detoxification of the body. Finished with a light overall balancing essential oil massage.

Cranial-Sacral Therapy harmonizes the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system through balancing the flow of the spinal fluid. It also frees the cranial bones from adhesions by using gentle pressure and traction.

Metamorphic technique uses foot, hand, and face points as a time line marking preconception, conception, and birth. The feet represent the moving or will center, hands are the doing and feeling center, and the head is the thinking center. It is subtle work creating deep relaxation and clarity in mind and body. Without focusing on one particular issue, it works with the subconscious and higher self to bring about the next stage of personal transformation.

Esoteric Healings includes:

Color-Puncture  is a system of colored light therapy developed by German Naturopath and Acupuncturist Peter Mandel. It is light and color entering the body through points and meridians similar to acupuncture points and meridians, to bring balance and clarity to the body as a whole. The different colored lights vibrate at specific frequencies. When these frequencies make contact with these acupuncture points, the frequency is transmitted to weaker or damaged cells which stimulates healing.

We humans in our wholeness are beings of light. We will always by instinct, strive and evolve toward the ultimate light, which is our God. Our journey starts with our realization of ourselves, our center, before we can tap into our ability to love another, to love all of creation, and to love life, and then ultimately our God.

With the intense shifting of the earth’s electromagnetic energies at this time and the push of evolution from the universe, we are asked to embark on an inner path more consciously, our inner journey toward our core and our center.

To finally realize that our center, our core is made of pure light. Our main lesson here is to rule over ourselves not another. According to Bob Toben, “Matter is light imprisoned by gravity”. That means our spirit within this physical form is light and we need to find our way back to that light by understanding it, so we can free it from it’s containment.

The deeper we look inside ourselves the lighter and brighter we become. The more we take responsibility to our light within, the freer we are able to fly. Until the time comes when the spirit within the physical form is set free, to be who we were before. A light being without the burden of a material body. In the process we are helped by the light that is all around us on the outside as well as the light that is within us.

Many of us know and understand that we not only consist of matter, we also have an energy body. In Peter Mandel’s esoteric book, he says this energy body actually consists to a certain degree of visible light proved by physicist Dr. F. A. Popp. The cells of all living beings emit “biophotons” or electromagnetic vibrations, apart from visible light, these are microwaves. They influence all biochemical processes, all that affects the good and bad in the human organism travels through these energy fields. The information they transmit affects us as electromagnetic vibrations of various frequencies. Light is information and the different color frequencies activate different information within the cells.

During a Colorpuncture session, the Colorpuncturist utilizes an acu-light wand with glass tips emitting different colors of light to different points around the body. Colorpuncture uses acupuncture points from Chinese medicine, as well as other points to transmit light through the meridians (energy pathways of the body).

The different colors of light transmit different vibrations and these vibrational patterns are used to balance and harmonize energy flow to the meridians. The experience is very gentle, non-evasive, and relaxing.

Perhaps the most interesting and fascinating aspect of Colorpuncture is its strong emphasis on the interplay between body, soul, and spirit, and these disharmonies must be addressed if real healing is to occur.

We all have a particular path and potential to fulfill on earth in this lifetime. We innately have all the wisdom and abilities inside that we need to discover and follow our path. But the tremendous stresses and traumas that so many of us experience from our early lives create blockages in our energy system, and these blockages make it harder for us to access our inner wisdom. Instead we have a vague sense of knowing we have some path, destiny, lessons, purpose, etc….but not really being able to see it or move with it. And when we become too out of touch with our spirit and ourselves our bodies will try to find ways to tell us, through pain and disease.

Colorpuncture treatments re-establish this connection with our inner wisdom at the same time that they balance the flow of energy. Many of the treatments are aimed at clearing the imprints of traumatic stress that keeps us out of balance. Stresses which may have occurred in childhood, in the womb, or even past lives. Many people experience greater mental clarity and creativity, easier access to inner wisdom, and a deeper sense of life purpose during the course of their Colorpuncture treatments. Whatever the problem, whatever the level you want to work on, we must become more in touch with who we are and what we are about to truly heal. Some of the things Colorpuncture can be especially beneficial for include:

Detoxing and lymphatic clearing

PMS and endocrine imbalances

Depression or feeling stuck

Stress, Anxiety, and Exhaustion

Birth trauma, childhood stresses, past lives stresses, and learning difficulties

Axiational Therapy  tunes into the universal grid system that connects all layers of the body (Eutheric, spiritual, emotional, and physical). It connects the inner self to the physical self, enabling you to bring in your own information and higher consciousness. Once you are connected to the universal energy it flows and assists you in your growth and creativity. Each activation once completed does not need to be repeated. A healing modality often used in Atlantis.

Basic Energy Work and Chakra Work harmonizes the body’s internal (meridians) and external (aura) energy fields through both subtle and deeper body contact. Crystals can also be used for their calming and balancing effects.

Elemental Balancing deepens our connection with ourselves and the elements of nature. The fire, earth, air, water, and aether within ourselves which is reflected in our universe. It affects nerves, organs, muscles, and bones. It is an ancient healing modality passed on by the guardians of Lumeria.

Planetary and Star Energetics  make planetary healing possible, bringing in different planetary energies for specific energetic healings. A healing modality blessed by the different masters of different Stargate systems.

Arturusoffers hope

Polaris offers breath and focus

Pleiades, Delta Cassiopei and Aludra offers love, states of grace and acceptance of love. Heart awareness.

Betelgeuse and Alpard offers Soul awareness, transforming fear into deep love, compassion and oneness, and transformation of pain into the awareness of healing and change.

Rigeland Altair offers integration of matter with spirit, understanding resistance, potential and flow.

Sirius offers Christ consciousness.

Algieba offers balance of love relating to full acceptance of male and female qualities in an individual. Regeneration. Hormones and Endocrine. And much more...

The Healings of the 12 Rays System opens up the higher dimensions of our light bodies, to anchor and integrate the 7 chakras with our out-of-body chakras. Awakens the light bodies and the integrative chakra systems. This is only done on those that are practicing Hochi (chi of harmony) on a regular basis and are anchored securely in their tube of light.