It’s not just an exercise class. It is a meditation, a class of movement toward spirit and your core self. Utilizing all the basic foundations of Yoga, Chi-Gung, Pilates and Gyrokineis. The focus is not how many times you do it perfectly, or how hard you push your body and mind. Its about the conscious application of your intention of the 3 corrections of lengthening, and freeing the spine which house your spirit and your creative energy, using your breath and of clear mind with visual healing. It’s an experience of the marriage of form and spirit, heart and mind.

with Rea Cormick

Rea is a liscenced Massage Therapist, certified Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Trainer. She teaches Chi-gung, Yoga, initiates Hochi and has Cosmetology license.

She is a a powerful Clairvoyant who does life readings and had done work with U.S. Customs and different mainland authorities locating missing children.

She has traveled to Taiwan and throughout the United States to teach Hochi, incorporating movements, stretches, meditations, art and by cultivating love, light and the human experience through soul/ body integration.