Chi for dancers is not just and exercise created for dancers, its for everyone.  It’s a meditation, the focus is not how many times you do it perfectly. Its about the conscious application of your intention of the three corrections of lengthening and freeing of the spine, the use of the breath and of clear mind with visual healing. With every movement, we embody the creative fire within. We learn to create a vast series of statements and vocabulary for our body through moving and stretching.

Our body is suppose to be able to undulate and move gracefully within joints and muscles. Chi for dancers supports and help you move within your own capacity of movements. When our spine and our body have freedom to move, it has a life of it's own. Within every one of us is the dancer, the seducer, or the seductress that spins a healing spiral around us. If we are seduced enough we move into the dance and become part of the movement of healing. Suddenly we see ourselves dancing through our own life. We are born to move, our bodies are made to move.

When we breathe, when we stretch, we allow ourselves to open, to release what we hold within. We embody the natural flow of the universe. Movement, breathwork and stretches allow us to spiral down inside ourselves to the center where tensions are released and to reconnect with our freedom and spaciousness of the essential self. To move, to dance is to be.

Movement  can be a vehicle for emotional expression; we can use it as an opportunity to embody our emotions. Our physiology affects our state of being - it is very hard to feel happy, esthetic, enthusiastic, when we are tight, when we are slumping over and looking down at our feet, with the corners of our mouth drawn downward to our chin.

Each one of us has a certain energy pattern, a certain way of moving. When we connect with that, we start to harness our energies for healing. It is then that our body and spirit become one. When we get our cells to move, more of our neurotransmitters start to flow, our endorphins start to spin. Whatever is tense is freed, the body itself leads us to where it wants to be naturally.

What is wonderful about chi for dancers is, usually it involves some type of Sounds. If its not music, then its sounds you learn to make or be aware of inside yourself.

And Music and sound creates vibrational shifts in the body. Sound is really vibrations moving through air. There is a motion with a rhythm and a frequency moving in space and time. Our body picks up the sound with our ears, and the rest of our body picks up the vibrations in every molecule of every cell. Example: The sound of your voice creates the vibrations into your chest.

Breath and sound, which can be music transcends time; it brings us to places of feeling. It uses our own body as the vehicle for healing. Music is inside us, vibrating and changing with the changing molecules in our cells. Ancient healers used chanting and singing to evoke spirits, calling to them in chants, stories, and song. Various churches have choirs and songs to praise their god and we can evoke our lovers with music. We use songs to relax, to feel ecstasy, to raise our energy, and have fun. We listen to gospel songs to elevate our soul, love songs to put us in the mood for love. Sound and Music affects our mood instantly, it uplifts, and it can lower our moods.

When our body is at ease, it can take us into a timeless place, in the ancient past or into a place where we know god and the universe. How fast have we felt joy and opened our heart when we hear certain songs on the radio? We can go from depressed to happy in one moment. We do not have to do anything, we are taken there by the music and sound of our inner being. Music can facilitate emotional energy shifts powerfully and quickly, whether its from the outside or the inside. We can use  breath, sound and music as a tool to effect change, and also use it with the intent to heal and relax.

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