We all need a safe place for us to go to – to expand all aspects of our being. A place where our spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental selves can be discovered, explored, and integrated into our daily life.

The major focus of my work is to empower and help others do what they can do to take better care of themselves spiritually, emotionally, and physically. No one can heal (or “fix”) us from the outside. All that can be done is to light that spark of self-love, care and healing that we each contain within us.

It is my belief that each person has the capacity to develop his or her true potential, to evolve and experience life fully. The path to the expansion is as individual as the person walking it.

I offer a wide range of modalities to meet each person’s unique needs, goals and growth as a person and in spirit.

My training and experiences has enabled me to support and help others in healing and  in discovering their own path of balance and wholeness. To inspire them to experience a language without words, a time outside of time.

My feeling is that, as we open ourselves to that love which is a feeling, and express that love which is nurturing, we can then answer the call of the universe, the call to feel whole and complete in each moment.



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