Rea Cormick

          Total mind, body and spirit tune up.

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or contact Petula at Spa Pure in Waikiki 808-924-3200


Enjoy a day or a week with Rea Cormick and her colleagues at Spa Pure in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Couples and group Retreats-Enjoy a day or a week at Moongate. You will each receive 50 minute combination massage, an hour fitness class, and sauna. Champagne and wine will be added to your experience.

Girls Day-Every girl’s dream! a day at Moongate. Moongate have many different combinations of treatments you can customize, including different types of stress melt massages, aromatherapy facials, simple manicures and  pedicures.

For Men-( Strengthen and melt) Tai Massage, Facial, tea or lemon water while you relax in the steam room

Mother and Daughters day- Massage/Facial seaweed body wrap and scrub.

Monday    - Earth

Morning-    Walking Meditation

Afternoon- Ab workout

Evening-   Tai Massage

Tuesday    - Water

Morning-    Gyrokenesis

Afternoon- Future Self meditation

Evening-     Ocean Massage

Wednesday - Air

Morning-    Chi-Gung

Afternoon- Chakra Meditation

Evening-    Aromatherapy facial/massage

Thursday     - Fire

Morning-    Yoga

Afternoon-  Weeding neg. future and seeding positive futures Meditation

Evening-     Body Scrub/ Stone massage

Firday           - Ether

Morning-    Enerchi

Afternoon- Spirit Guide Meditation

Evening-    Resonance Massage

Saturday       - Earth

Morning-    Walking Meditation

Afternoon- Pilates

Evening-    Year Diagnostic Mandala

Rea is a liscenced Massage Therapist, certified Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Trainer. She teaches Chi-gung, Yoga, initiates Hochi and has Cosmetology license.  She is a a powerful Clairvoyant who does life readings and had done work with U.S. Customs and different mainland authorities locating missing children.

She has traveled to Taiwan and throughout the United States to teach Hochi, incorporating movements, stretches, meditations, art and by cultivating love, light and the human experience through soul/ body integration.

for more information on Rea’s healings: