There is Hope

When we are ready to heal, people will automatically come into our lives to show us, to guide us like our angels sent by god. The most important thing with Fibro is Self Care. That is where Rea at Spa Pure comes in. At Spa Pure, she is able to help you with minimizing your stress with massages, she is able to help you with your exercise regime and guide you with a creating a more balanced life style. Even when you are feeling ok, if you have Fibro, it is important that on going self care is monitored. once Fibro is in your life, changes in lifestyle, eating habits, and mental attitude are inevitable.

Avoid Alcohol and Caffine

because I feel that Fibro patients have abnormal levels of brain chemicals call neurotransmitters already. the changes in brain chemicals that the body goes through with drinking alcohol could not be good. drinking might complicate the Fibro condition even more. I personally never drank alcohol even before I was diagnosed with Fibro, so its an non issue with me.


Make sure exercise is part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth. Do extensive stretching. When I was first healing, I did extensive stretches 3 times a day.  In my experience, Gyrokeneisis and Gyrotonic helped alot with my joints and all the connective tissues that was always inflamed. Yoga also helped me alot. There is a delicate balance of doing enough exercise and not doing enough for Fibro healing. Most of life, we are all trying to strive for balance in all areas of our lives, but even more so in Fibro patients.

Learn to minimize stressful situations and thoughts. Try to not overdo and over work yourself in anyway

There are medications and supplements that help. I had tried many different types of medications and supplements. At this time, I am mainly on supplements. The side affects of the medications were doing me more harm than good before. I did extensive research, gone to many naturopaths, and came up with my own protocol that works for me at this time. It consists only of supplements. I will take a sleep aid if I am very stressed out in life. But mainly, I control my outbreaks and symptoms with supplements. When the symptoms are minimized, so are the pain and the aches that aches that accompany the Fibro symptoms. This works for me at this time, I have no side affects from supplements, but they can get costly.