Fibro affects millions of people in America

It is a central nervous system dysfunction. Many patients with fibro develop co-existing autoimmune conditions and it is described as the “Irritable Everything Syndrome” in the fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain, A survival manual (Starlanyl, Copeland 6, 199) Posttraumatic injuries can bring on fibro, head injuries and injuries in the cervical spinal area can also bring on fibro. Fibro is affected by the central nervous system. When

there is a dysfunction in the CNS, there is increased pain sensitivity in the body. Anything that results in tissue injury, whether from obvious physical trauma like an auto accident can lead to the state of CNS sensitivity. If there is repeated or continue trauma hypersensitivity in different areas will develop as well.It also mentions : “It disturbs the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, this can affect fertility profoundly in both men and women.(Starlanyl, Copeland 128) The unexplained fatigue, lack of well-being and diminished testosterone in males and females, along with chronic pain itself can decrease libido. While sexual intimacy is not confined to sexual intercourse, the person with fibro may not even want to be touched. (Starlany, Copeland 129)

If you have Fibro, test results usually comes back as normal because Fibro mimics symptoms of many diseases.

The symptoms of Fibro seem to imitate a lot of other medical conditions, like arthritis, lupus, shingles, bladder infections, flu, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines etc…The combination of pain and other symptoms often makes it very hard for doctors to find out what exactly it is.  There are no x-rays or blood test that can show abnormalities. And the frustrations of not feeling normal, lead the patient to feel depressed and anxious. Fibromyalgia_pg_4.html

The connection between fibromyalgia symptoms and the immune system seems very much linked. Research is continuing to establish fibro as a stress related disorder. When under stress, the body suppresses the immune system. The body is equipped to handle short-term stress, but chronic stress puts a lot of strain on body systems and their functions. There are thoughts that long-term stress could bring on heart attacks, obesity and diabetes.

Dr. Joe M. Elrod in Reversing Fribromyalgia book writes:   “ Close to one hundred percent of the fibromyalgia victims I have personally worked with have experienced a long period of extreme stress or emotional trauma- whether it be

an automobile accident, divorce, a long illness, growing up in a dysfunctional family, experiencing abuse, as a child or some other type of trauma.  Many experts believe that these “ triggering events” probably do not cause Fibromyalgia but rather awaken or provoke an underlying physiological abnormality” ( Elrod, 26)

Mary Moeller, author and spokes woman on Fm, has been in remission with the FM symptoms by making changes in her lifestyles and eating habits.

In my life with Fibro, I was able to go from being in bed most of the day for years to being able to dance and perform again now, by making changes in my life as well.

The first changes I made were my eating habits. Colleen Black-Brown in Pro Health has talked about it’s important to change eating habits in fibro patient’s protocol in getting better, feeling better.She recommends to eliminate 4 foods completely from the diet. The foods to eliminate are Chocolate, Carbonated beverages, Coffee and alcohol.